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Welcome to UPF - United Pinion Factories Ltd

Your expert for power and movement transmission

United Pinion Factories Ltd was founded 1920 and initially engaged itself with manufacturing watch and clock components. However since 1930 production has been increasingly diversified.

Today United Pinion Factories Ltd is a worldwide recognised gear cutting specialist, who supplies all branches of the industry which uses gears, in one way or another.


Turned parts

We produce highly precise and complex turned parts.

Gears / Pinions

We produce gears and pinions with spur toothing, helical toothing and convex or crown toothing.

Gear segments

We produce gear segments with spur and helical toothing.

Worms / Wormgears

We produce worms and wormgears with single and multiplex starts.

Bevel gears

We produce bevel gears with spur toothing. 

Subassemblies / Modules

In collaboration with our customers we offer subassemblies and modules.

Assembled parts

We produce assembled parts such as pinions with wheels, plates fit with components.